Ink October

What is ink October?

Ink October was an initiative started by Jake Parker, he started back in 2009 and wanted to improve his skills in drawing so every October he creates 31 ink drawing for the 31 one days of October – you can read more about this work here –

I had no idea what Ink October was, My co-worker fresh from her return from study leave informed me about it. She an amazing artist herself encouraged me to participate. And so I did. Albite I didn’t create 31 drawings.. .I created 9 * Avoiding eye contact*  BUT I am actually very proud of the drawings that I did. I was so hesitant when I first started, I wasn’t sure what do to. I took so much time, a little too much time.

The second piece, I dreaded doing I was thinking – great! now how the hell do I top myself –  about And I decided to do something wacky and weird. Like my brain, and me in general. When I was done was so hesitant of positing it and publishing it for the world to see. HOWEVER! To my surprise I got the most feedback on my wacky – random drawings.

It opened up eyes to see that sometimes putting yourself out there can be a little frighting but you can so much back. The amount of love and encouragement I received really helped my achieve one of my mini goals for Ink October, which was to draw directly in pen and not sketch it out. And I did – Happy monkey dance – 


To see all my Ink October drawings, please go to the artwork tab for Ink October.


PS. I am not afflicted with MR.Jack Parker or


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