She is Me?

“She is me, but so are they, and her.
she is the part that is locked away.
they are those that restrained yet free.
her. her, is the one everyone knows.

but she is me,
she is me,

they are a bit of everything,
some people hate them
some people love them
some don’t care.
they are the coils on a spring, together they bounce,
one can take the lead, but never the spot light.
her, always center stage. in demand, in control.
they try to fight her, but never does that happen as she is in control. always.

but she is me,
she is me,

she is locked away in the depths of an abyss chained yet formless
she is powerful, bound and trapped for she can be in control.
she is wrought in battle scares, darkness seeps out oozing  like a leaky faucet.
they are afraid, her ensures the locks don’t break.

but she is me.
she is me.

her. fights, using all the tactics. strategizing, and planing
a back up for the back up.

she is me and she can’t
she cant have control
she cant,
for it will end us all.”


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