“in a forest i find myself lost,

in a forest i encountered a girl

being lost i met a broken girl covered in ash, as the rain poured down the ash washed away, I couldn’t look away, the broken girl was glued together, like broken porcelain. I gazed starring at the broken shards stuck together .

being lost, the broken girl asked me to follow, leading the way into the trees, under the branches, never pausing or ducking. i admired the broken girl,  never stopping, tripping, or flinching away as the branches cut into her wrists, her arms, her legs. Bleeding and covered in mud…  A clearing.

being lost, the bleeding girl floating on air in far into the clearing, i falling behind fighting the trees, the slippery mud. catching up, i stood face to face with the broken girl, a step separates us, looking around, finding the broken girl. Bony fingers signals me to come closer.

being lost, i attempted to move closer A pond erupted from the ground. my eyes filling with fear, i look at the broken girl, and still her skeletal hands are telling me to move forward… A lake forming

being lost a lake separating me and the broken girl, standing in the distance skeletal frame covered with torn fabric, long thin black hair cascading down her arms watching me with black eyes… “move” an eerie  windy voice commands me… i fight. the lake grew.

being lost, a clearing, in a forest,  i am paralyzed, my eyes flooding, fear in my veins, anxiety kissing my skin, my legs stopped cementing to the ground. the broken girl is nothing but a distant shape in the abyss standing a sea a way… Hopelessness finds a home in me.

being lost, i fell to my knees in defeat, the sea between us is too great, the broken girl is but an outline… starring at her, her head looking up scanning… in despair i look up searching the onyx sky for answers.

being lost, the onyx sky is empty, the broken girl is nothing but a ghost now. i drop to the bank of the sea, catching a glimpse into the murky waters, crawling closer. into the desolate waters, i saw the broken girl.

being lost, in a forest, in a clearing, on the banks of the sea, in murky reflection, i found me. “

 – MM


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